UCI Gaiter


For some reason, most bike racers like to save their numbers. Call it superstition or nostalgia, I'll bet the majority of them can produce a bag of them for you. Maybe they cover a wall with them or protect their wall from wheels with them, at least that's what we did in our Brooklyn Apartment.

Racing UCI Cyclocross, you are required to wear two 4.25" square shoulder numbers. Often times the name of the race or a race sponsor will be on the number and after you've raced they're covered in dirt, torn and crinkled. I like the idea that each number tells a story.

I compiled all of my numbers from the 2016-2017 cyclocross season, scanned them and laid them out at 100% on a 52cm x 48cm neck gaiter design.

Races in the 2016 season: Rochester Cyclocross, Nittany Lion Cyclocross, Charm City Cross, Grand Prix Gloucester, DCCX, HPCX, Northampton Cycle-Smart International, Supercross Cup, NBX Grand Prix and US Cyclocross Nationals.

A limited run of 10 Verge Sport full-sublimated neck gaiters