JRA Approved Sticker


The UCI (Union Cicliste International) approves each frameset (and wheel, fork and kit) for use in races. Each frame bears that stamp of approval, regardless of whether or not it's being raced professionally, since the stamp is under the clear coat. It's cheaper for manufacturers to place it on all the frames as opposed to just some. Say what you will about the approval, it means there are a ton of amateurs running around with these unnecessary approval stamps on their framesets.

In early April 2016 I pinged a few friends about the idea and one of them responded "take my money now." I found the .ai file the UCI provides to frame manufacturers, did a bit research about fonts and put my rudimentary at best pen tool skills to the test. I chose to make a small run of stickers with stickermule.com since I had used the company a few years ago when I made a sticker of the 1960's Long Island Railroad logo. Not sure of how popular they'd be, I made 200 stickers.

From there it sort of took off. I gave a few to friends who in turn gave some to friends. Random people started asking me for some so I started selling them for $1 a pop via Instagram direct message and had to order 1000 more stickers. I created a #JRAApproved hashtag so more people started asking. Then I started using a Bigcartel page to better keep track of orders.

I'm not really sure why it took off like it did, but I think it was a little bit of unattainable instagram thing and a little how extremely cheap it was. "Hey, I can send this dude a few bucks and be part of 'the club' or whatever." Not that everyone in the club knew what the stickers meant, but if you were in the know, all the better.