Brosé Bottles


After stickers, my friend Bryan Banducci and I decided to delve into water bottles. Specialized Purist makes it easy to design and produce a water bottle. There are many, many, many cool water bottles out there, from riffs of Sriracha to Kodak film canisters to Phil's tenacious oil. It's almost hard to find an example of something that hasn't been done.

Bryan and I decided to do a rosé bottle design inspired by my girlfriend's favorite brand, Chateau de Pibarnon. The layout was simple but the design didn't prove easy as Natalie wanted to make sure we got it just perfect, word for word, accent for accent. I ended up having to purchase a $30 bottle of the wine for research since Google image results didn't yield definitive enough results.

An added bonus is that 26 ounces is just about 750ml, or the size of a Chateau de Pibarnon bottle of rosé.

A limited run of 100 26oz. clear Specialize Purist bottles with clear 'MoFlo' lids.