GU24 LED replacement bulb for MLS13GUS

Posted on December 15, 2017

The light in my closet recently died and my landlord said "whatever you do, don't get the same one." The same one was a MaxLite MLS13GUS, a squat little fluorescent with a foreign GU24 base that fit behind a plastic shield. It took a little searching but I just replaced it with a Silverlite LED Puck GU24 and so far it has been great.


Img 3397

Adding Di2 gear ratio to Wahoo Elemnt

Posted on April 11, 2017

I gave Natalie my Edge 510 a few months ago and have been using my Wahoo Elemnt full-time. I've had it for about two years but it was fairly unstable at first. It works pretty well now but I hadn't figured out how to configure my Di2 gear ratio (so that your gears are correctly displayed in your file) until now.

When you're connected to the Elemnt, use the app on your phone and navigate to Settings and then click on Sensors.

Click on your Di2 D-Fly, likely named Di2. Then tap Configure Gear Ratios.

Here's where the magic is. Input your front chainrings and select your cassette, then you're good to go!


Img 3363

Plan Bee Embro & Anti-Chafe

Posted on April 09, 2017

My buddy Dave moved from NYC back to Scotland recently and it looks like he's taken a gig at an apiary. He recently posted about working on some anti-chafe and embro based on beeswax. I curiously asked about it and look what showed up! Looking forward to giving this stuff a try. So far the anti-chafe has been good, but I'm not much of an embro guy myself. Natalie's more of a connesuer in that dept.




Posted on March 31, 2017

Yesterday my commute back took me on some new roads including through Woronoco, MA. The community is part of the town of Russell to the north and used to be home to the Strathmore Paper Company. In 1999 Strathmore packed their bags for the midwest and the town doesn't look so great now. The entire mill is crumbling in place, one of the two bridges over the Westfield river is closed and there isn't so much as a package store in town. Read a little more about the town and the issues facing it on Wikipedia. I took my Mamiya 7ii back with me today so maybe expect some medium format images in a few months.



420s Hub Stickers

Posted on March 30, 2017

Some new stickers are live on my Big Cartel page. I made a simple "calculator" page so you can figure out if your hubs are going to be compatible with them here.


Img 3204

5lb of Coffee!

Posted on March 23, 2017

I've been getting coffee from Ground Support for the past couple months. Every four weeks I place an order for four 12oz bags, but this week Stephen told me they were out and he was sending me a 5lb bag instead. Eternally stoked and thankful for the support from GS.


Kirk Zoni

Davenport Sugar Shack

Posted on March 19, 2017

Kirk and Zoni came to visit this weekend, so we figured it was only right we take them to a sugar shack to show them how maple syrup is made. We took them to Davenport Maple Farm in Shelburne, MA. The journey to get there was long and the wait for the food was even longer, but the Finnish pancakes were worth it.



Sanderson Brook Falls

Posted on March 17, 2017

Natalie and I drove to Chester today and explored Sanderson Brook Falls. We went a few times in the summer and it's certainly a different experience in the winter. We probably ruined the XC ski tracks in there, but it was nice :)